1. That's a wrap for THE BARN !
    That's a wrap for THE BARN !
    Principal photography of Matt Beurois' feature went extremely well with an awesome cast and crew. Check all the news on the dedicated page.
  2. "26 Miles" now 4 times award- winning
    "26 Miles" now 4 times award- winning
    The 4 times winning feature script (4 wins as Best Script) has gone into development and scouting happened in New Mexico.
  3. "Five Minutes with Mary" : festival run
    "Five Minutes with Mary" : festival run
    The short film tells a powerful story inspired by the true events of the terrorist attack in Paris in November 2015. Film already selected by 2 Academy Awards (C) qualifying festivals + 15 selections worldwide.
  1. New feature film project : Guest House
    New feature film project : Guest House
    Following meetings at the AFM, Yucca Prime is currently developing a female driven feature film to be shot in 2018.
  2. New TV Show concept
    New TV Show concept
    After being executive producer on Masterchef France, producer Auregan is pitching a new TV Show mixing French and American culinary experiences.
  3. PGA event
    PGA event
    Producer and Ceo of Yucca Prime Auregan attended the PGA's event Future of Producing, in Hollywood.
THE BARN : teaser trailer available. 
The movie is the first feature lenght by multi-award winner director Matt Beurois, and the first feature film produced by Yucca Prime.

The dark thriller stars Ken Samuels, Guillaume Faure, Auregan, Piper Lincoln, Yannik Mazilli, Karen French, Hadrien Berthaut, Pierre Bismuth, Arnaud Devineau, Dorian Masson, Sven Genoulaz with special appearances by Mike Idiart and Nicolas Lucion.

Director Matt Beurois shot 230 scenes in no more than 10 days, establishing a creative concept meant to give a huge creative space to the actors.

The crew benefited from the talented DOP Yannig Dumoulin, who was able to create the contrasted and heavy visual atmosphere planted by the script, and from an amazing crew who gave it all to make THE BARN come to life.

Special Effects by David Scherer where stunning on set, and will give you chill and more on screen.

The ilm has been presented to buyers at the AFM, November 2017.

The movie, directed by Matt Beurois, stars Jansen Panettiere in an in-camera concept film.

Inspired by the true events of 2015 November 13th, when Paris was under multiple terrorist attacks, the movie focuses on a young American boy, who is going to witness on the phone, live, all that's happening 10.000 miles away.

Jansen Panettiere gives a performance like never before, being the only actor on screen, 100% of the time, 100% of the shots.

Director Matt Beurois, who was living in Paris when the attacks occured, delivers a powerful and deep testimony of the situation.

Produced by Auregan for Yucca Prime, the film already took a Best Scenario award in Denmark. It actually is in competition in 5 other festival, all in Los Angeles.




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