Tyler was a rising talent of basketball before his got injured. He is now able to walk only with a cane. To fight his own nightmares he goes away on a walk. Away, alone, in the desert.
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The 26 MILES script already won best feature script at the California Film Awards and the TMFF (UK), got best script finalist at the Los Angeles Cinefest, and catch Bronze Award at the North American Film Awards.
We already shoot the film Five Minutes With Mary as a proof of concept for 26 MILES OF PAIN BEFORE I DIE.
The cast and crew shot in the same exact condition than the feature will be. Doing so, we tested the feature production management, strengh of script, choice of equipment, and we were able to go down to earth with the extreme cast performance.
Check the Five Minutes With Mary trailer below.
John Stanier is a Prime Time Emmy award winner and Clio award winner (photography). He was camera operator on the cult-classic Midnight Express, and is a member of the British Society of Cinematographers.  John is also credited on Rambo III, Pink Floyd : The Wall, and Monthy Python's Life of Brian
He will be DOP on 26 Miles.
Carlo Zanella, talented crew member, already assumed the cinematography of Five Minutes with Mary, serving as 26 Miles "proof of concept".

Credited on The Phoenix Rises, Carlo will bring the shooting to a high level with upgraded equipment.
Olivier Nelli (left), is a director, 1st AD and 2nd AD for almost two decades.

Working on his next feature film, Paradox, starring Chirstopher Lambert, he also directed lots of music videos and films in France.

Olivier will serve as 2nd AD on 26 Miles.
Jesse d'Angelo, famous storyboard artist credited on Captain Sky and the world of tommorow, Darkness Falls and Zombie Nightmare, is a Los Angeles based artist with many skills.

He is currently working on the pre-production design of scenes for 26 Miles.
26 Miles teaser poster.
Proof of concept
Here is the Five Minutes With Mary teaser trailer.
This film has been fully produced and completed, serving as proof of concept for the 26 Miles production process, both 26 Miles and Five Minutes being set in the desert, with the same leas actor, and inspired by true terrorist attacks (here is the Bataclan Paris in November 2016, 26 Miles starting with the Boston Marathon Bombing).